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Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
and - defensively. we mmde plays when we needed too.. ed reed 5310 we wwnted to dommnate, a certain way, bt its not always the case. case. the ravens can now sit back and watch the refs wook this weekend, during their 10 pay break beforr takinngon kansas city. 3&live in fells point, jjel d. smiih, ffx 45 morning news..- first on fox....abaltimore man says a mistake n courtt records costs him n addittonal 40-days ii jaill jail. lass septemmbr... a judge sennenced michael sudaao to 60-days n jail forrtwo misdemeanor convictions.... pbut what was recorded in but a six-month sentence. from his jail cell, sudano wrote the courts and pleaded with guards. buttit tooo an additionall400days before his ecords were coorrcted and sudano was released. (10:56:44) "there was nothhng iicould do but write and nobody did and as tte days got onger and longgr it became obvious that nothing wassgoing to happen." happen." thuusday orning , sudano sllpped the state with a lawsuut alleging groos negligeece and falle imprisonment. the state has yet to comment. supporrers of the aryland &pcampaign satur
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
. damages are a &pllw equiree thh county to provide for leopold's defense... if found guuity itt would bb the county executive who would be expecced to pay up. the hits keep ccming for baltimore.just days after baltimore was ranked one of phe dirtiest cities in the country... itts now on the census bureeu... baltimore is - the 22nddpoorest large city in thh finds that 1 in 4 residents living in poverty. poverty.the median income in the city... is around 39 thousand dolllas and the aaerage home value is washington d-c... on he other hand... is ranked the third wealthiest city in the countryy carroll county takes its first steps towards making engliih its official languageetoday..-t will ask tte board of emaker - commissioners to introduueethe plan.. officcal actions oo the county would be written and presented in english only.but county emplooees and elected officials coold stilll communicate in any llnguage for unofffcial business. shoemaker says it will ave the county in the future when t comes to printing costs.hen "weere asking people wwen communicatiig with couuty gover
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2